Spayed – the aftermath

Yesterday Buffy was spayed, had 2 teeth removed and was micro chipped!  Phew!  They said that, even though, I brought her in at 8:00am, she probably wouldn’t be ready to come home until about 5:30pm!  Knowing that, I made a few appointments during the day so I wasn’t thinking about her the whole time.  At 1:30pm I got a call from the vet, my heart sank because they were calling so early and I imagined the worst!  They told me that somehow Buffy was completely awake and ready to go home!  Haha!  That’s my girl!

I am so happy to have her back!  She was a bit out of it yesterday, but for the most part, she was herself.  She got to eat today, which was very exciting for her…so much that I actually hand fed her because I was worried she choke herself!

All is well, Buffy is great!


Uh oh – I’ve done it

I just dropped Buffy off at the vet for her spaying!  OMG, I left crying!  I’m such a dork!!  They must think I’m crazy…never mind when I called and spoke to them about it for a half hour asking about what type of complications they’ve faced in the past.

Now I’m at home…alone, it’s very quiet.  I’m not yelling “bad” to anyone, not going outside every 2 hours, and not watching my little love muffin steal the bath towels and whip them around.  I miss my puppy already.

She also has to have 2 baby teeth removed cause they didn’t fall out on their own and I’m also having her microchipped.  Ugh, they said I won’t get her back until around 5:30!!!! 

Must keep busy today.

Food And A Game -Yippie!

On January 10, 2010 I ordered 2 items from The Pawhaus Pet Boutique…and on January 18th, 2010 I received the package!  That was fast!!  And, the items look exactly as they did on the website – yay!  On top of the items in the box was a handwritten card thanking me for my purchase – what a FABULOUS touch – I’m overly impressed!
I purchased the Aikiou Pet Food Bowl because she eats too fast and this will definitely slow her down AND make her use that smarty-pants brain of hers, and I also got her the Zogoflex Tux in Tangerine.  Including shipping the grand total was $55.09, which I think is pretty good.  It’s been 3 days and she loves her food bowl, it’s like a game and eating at the same time – OMG, who could ask for more???  And, on the 1st day with the Zogoflex she was so happy she was whimpering while playing with it – which was freakin’ adorable!!!  Below is a video of Buffy checking out her two new items.
What do you think?  Pretty cool, right? 

Winter Coat

Buffy’s fur is quite thin and she is always shaking when we are outside, so I decided that it was time for her to get a winter coat. We headed down to Bark & Fitz and tried on a few different options. The one we chose was waterproof and not overly “froo-froo”. It was a bit big when I first bought it as she was only about 12 weeks old, but now, at just over 5 months old it fits her perfectly! 

We also headed to PetSmart to pick up shoes since she actually holds as many paws as possible off the ground at a time in the snow (it’s really quite funny…I know I’m horrible). We picked out a set that matched her coat. She still doesn’t like wearing them and in fact, will buck like a horse to shoot them off her paws, but I keep trying!

Buffy wearing her coat and boots.

Buffy’s New Shoes

YAY – it’s Christmas time!  I’m sitting here, thawing out (Buffy and I just went outside for a walk…seriously, can be any colder?), while buffy plays with her toys.  Poor thing, lifts her little paws up cause it’s too cold for her.  So, I decided to get her little booties to help keep her as warm as possible when outside.  She apparently didn’t find it as amusing as me!  Check out this video of her giving them a go!

Buffy trying her new shoes out.

She’s so darn cute!

It’s a dogs world

For the past 6 years I have been living a lie.  I thought that it worked for me, I thought it made sense…but I was wrong, so very wrong.

In 2003 I lost my dog Josie at the young age of 6.5 years old to cancer and decided that I would never have a dog in my life again.  My sister has Piper and I thought that was good enough for me, I get to see her when I visit but have none of the responsibility.  Perfect, right?  No, so very unperfect.

Then, on October 11th, 2009 I decided to browse through the puppy section on Kijiji…oh, so many cute ones to look at!  But, just cute, nothing more…*click*…uh oh, there she was, the cutest little face and sooo happy!  I picked her up the next day at 9.5 weeks old I was the new owner of a Boston/Beagle puppy who I call Buffy.

At first I was unsure that I made the right choice…I suddenly had to be responsible for her entire world; her eating, bathroom habits, knowledge, play, sleeping, training…omg! 

The lie is over.  My life is full again!  It surprised me when I realized how much I needed her in my life until I had her.  She’s fits perfectly into my world.