Buffy’s 1st HIKE!

Today Buffy had her 1st hike!! 45 mins of mud, snow, sunshine, leaves, other dogs, smells, and laughter!  

She was really unsure at first and was very princessy, “eww, um, there’s gross mud here, you can’t actually think I’m going to walk in it…?” but, by the mid-point she was much better!! 

Can’t wait to take her when its warmer & less yucky! 

Muddy Puppy!


We also had to have a bath when we got back (fyi, when I say “we”, I mean her)…she shivered and shook for over an hour after and her eyes were all bugged out while she tried to bite me more than ever. I think she may have been overly exhilarated…? Maybe? Once I forced her to sleep(by wrapping her in a comfy blanket and not letting her move off the couch) for about 2 hrs she was normal Buffy!! Yay! 

Busy day for my little girl!