Buffy And The Kong

Ever wonder how to get your puppy to tire themselves out?  Oh, I found a way!  (it’s a great break for everyone really – hahaa!)  The KONG, which I picked up at PetSmart, is perfect for this.

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You fill it with either Kong stuffing or with a treat(s) and let them figure out how to get the yummy goodness out.  It is fabulous!

Buffy LOVES it as you can see…


Giraffe Toy

Buffy loves to play, here she is with a great toy, it’s a Giraffe from Bark & Fitz.  The toy is tightly woven yarn that she loves to pull little strings from…and to be honest, the poor Giraffe’s head now looks more like a neck with dreadlocks.

Video Of Buffy Playing With Her Giraffe