Another fast order

I received another of my orders from the Pawhaus Pet Boutique.  Not only did they send me what I ordered but also a great tote bag (that I will totally use) and some poop pick up bags with little hearts!  THANKS GUYS!

There is a small issue though…watch the video to find out what it is…


Giraffe Toy

Buffy loves to play, here she is with a great toy, it’s a Giraffe from Bark & Fitz.  The toy is tightly woven yarn that she loves to pull little strings from…and to be honest, the poor Giraffe’s head now looks more like a neck with dreadlocks.

Video Of Buffy Playing With Her Giraffe

Winter Coat

Buffy’s fur is quite thin and she is always shaking when we are outside, so I decided that it was time for her to get a winter coat. We headed down to Bark & Fitz and tried on a few different options. The one we chose was waterproof and not overly “froo-froo”. It was a bit big when I first bought it as she was only about 12 weeks old, but now, at just over 5 months old it fits her perfectly! 

We also headed to PetSmart to pick up shoes since she actually holds as many paws as possible off the ground at a time in the snow (it’s really quite funny…I know I’m horrible). We picked out a set that matched her coat. She still doesn’t like wearing them and in fact, will buck like a horse to shoot them off her paws, but I keep trying!

Buffy wearing her coat and boots.