Buffy’s Bath

Buffy and I went for a hike a couple of weeks ago and then she had to have a bath…here’s how super adorable she was!  …


My Little Princess

Doing housework today, washing sheets, etc.  Just realized how quiet is was, looked around…no puppy…?  Hmmm.  So, I went into my bedroom, ah ha! 

Little Princess

Where is the coziest place she can find?  The rumbled blankets that I threw off the bed to wash the sheets of course!

Another fast order

I received another of my orders from the Pawhaus Pet Boutique.  Not only did they send me what I ordered but also a great tote bag (that I will totally use) and some poop pick up bags with little hearts!  THANKS GUYS!

There is a small issue though…watch the video to find out what it is…